Syncing an iPhone with another

This solution also works to Synchronize iPhone and iPad, two iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, etc

As seen in a previous post, there's no problem Syncing several iPhones to a single Computer / iTunes

The problem starts when you try to Transfer Music from one iPhone to another

This would be easy if we could just Copy Songs from an iPhone to iTunes and then Synchronize another iPhone with iTunes

But, as explained in our Sync iPhone to iTunes tutorial, iPhone to iTunes transfers are not possible using iTunes

The solution:

First Import Music from iPhone to iTunes with a dedicated software

Then, Synchronize a second iPhone with iTunes, which, at the end equals to Transferring Songs from one iPhone to another


Just follow these steps

Notes & possible issues

  • This solution transfers all personal settings between two iPhones: playlists, ratings and so on ( see complete list )

    So, that's a very safe way to fully Synchronize two iPhones

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24 Responses to Sync Two iPhones – Transfer Music from one iPhone to another – Copy Songs between iPhones – Keep multiple iPod synchronized together

  1. Toni says:

    Hi. im trying to transfer my music from my old iphone to my new one that i just got today and it doesnt seem to be working on my itunes. How can i transfer without using itunes ?

  2. tim says:

    I don’t get it. If you use an ipad2 as your prime media device (no laptop/ibook etc) and you want to sync the, say music, videos etc onto your iphone (3) because that’s the one in your pocket – you can’t do it? You have to have iTunes resident on a computer and sync both independently off that?

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Tim,

      That’s correct
      In the Apple / iTunes ecosystem your iPad is just a larger iPhone, not a computer
      It’s a peripheral that synchronizes with a computer / iTunes

  3. vib says:

    how can I sync my Ipad and my Iphone? Please help

  4. Alissia says:

    I have two iphones with differnt music. i sync’d the 1st phone with itunes and it didnt download everysong. i didnt know then i pugged in the new iphone that had new music on it and now i only have afew songs on the computer an the new phone. while the older iphone has everyting but what i donloaded on the new one. how do i get it all together?

  5. Marcia says:

    How do I sync my new iPhone 4s to my iPad? Thanks…

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Marcia,

      These information will allow you to sync your iPhone 4S to your iPad

      • ann says:

        I am having the same trouble as Marcia. I have a new iPad mini and am not receiving messages from my iPhone4

        The answer you gave Marcia did not include any information at all. Please repeat

  6. Jess says:

    hi there, I am trying to transfer songs from my old iphone to my new one through itunes. i am able to do it except for the purchased songs folder which will not allow me to copy and paste or click and drag into a new ‘play list on i tunes.I believe i have to do this in order for me to copy this play list onto my new iphone? could someone please let me know what i am doing wrong cause i am very frustrated! thank you for your time 🙂

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Jess,

      Right-click on your iPhone in iTunes and select Transfer Purchases

  7. nicolas says:

    I purchased an iphone 5 and am trying to get all my songs from my iphone 4 moved over… only those that were purchased on my ipad have synced…. I know I’m doing something wrong, but I have no idea what? Also, I moved all my music from my iphone 4 to the iCloud.

  8. Richard says:

    I have two iPhone 5’s. a 64GB and 16GB with 33GB’s worth on music on the larger one and my PC. I connect my 16GB to iTunes and it warns it will replace all music with my current iTunes music. Will I be given the opportunity to say what to transfer? It won’t all fit so I hope it doesn’t try and just stop loading when 1/2 of the music is transferred.

  9. Peggy says:

    I have lots of songs on my iPad and iPhone, my husband would like to get those same songs onto his iPhone how do we do this? Isn’t there some way of connecting us both to iCloud so he gets everything I have on my iPhone and IPad?

  10. Becky says:

    How do I UN-sync my phone from my husbands so we can stop deleting each others contacts? This is very annoying since I didn’t know we synced them

  11. Hillary says:

    Can I transfer a song from 1 iphone to another through iCloud or not..??? And if so how?

  12. Bharti says:

    I want to transfer my contact from iphone 3g to iphone 5s through itunes, pls suggest!


  13. Betty Kesler says:

    My iPad rings every time my iPhone rings. After I answer the phone the pad keeps ringing. Is there a way I can Unsync that part? To be honest I don’ even know they were synced. I want to be abel to send and receive messages on either but the iPad ringing just started.

  14. How do I sick my I pad to my iPhone 5

  15. Nathan says:

    I just bought an iPhone 6 and I’m trying to get my music from my iPhone 5 onto it. When i try to sync it to iTunes it says that it is already synced to another computer and to erase and sync with the contents of the iTunes library. I don’t have the old computer anymore and have searched if there are ways to get around this problem but I haven’t had any luck. Please help!

  16. Micheal Edwards says:

    I would like to know the quickest and easiest way to sync my iPad to my business iphone5. I have downloaded files fine but seem to be having a problem with my contacts transferring over to iPad.

  17. Danny says:

    How do I sync my iPad with my iPhone

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