Sync iPhone Contacts TO Outlook

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Syncing iPhone Contacts to Outlook
Transferring Contacts from iPhone to Outlook may sound simple, but it's not

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Transfer iPhone Contacts to New Computer


OK, you just got that fancy new PC or new MacBook Pro and you don't know How to Move iPhone Contacts to New Computer

No problem, we'll show you here How to Copy iPhone Contacts to New Computer, whether it's PC or Mac

Note: this procedure also allows you to Transfer Contacts from Old iPhone to New iPhone and to Move Contacts from iPhone to iPad

  • First off, make sure the latest version of iTunes is installed on the new PC or Mac. If it's not, you can get it from here
  • Now, open iTunes and connect your iPhone to your New computer

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Make Android look like iPhone

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How to Make Android look like iPhone

Can you believe it's Android?

OK, you want to switch to Android for the flexibility and versatility Google phones provide, but you don't want to give up on your stylish iPhone icons and wallpaper?

No problem

Here is a neat little free app that we'll use to show you How to make Android phone look like iPhone

It allows to Transform Android into iOS in such a realistic way, you won't believe it

Even better, you'll benefit from the advantages of both devices and avoid the downsides of both systems, check it out:


Just like Android

  • Lock Rotation
  • Swipe right gives access to Wi-Fi shortcuts
  • Swipe up reveals the multitask bar
  • Network Preferences

Like iPhone / iOS

  • Move apps around by holding down their icons
  • Delete apps by hold down icon and clicking cross
  • Close apps by swiping up from the screen bottom
  • Shut down apps by holding down icons and clicking minus
  • Drag apps on eachother to create folders
  • Notifications count for messages and missed calls
  • Swipe left for Search

This application is called Espier Launcher and you can Get if from here


Notes and possible issues

If you want to set this springboard as your default look, press the Home button, check "Use by default for this action" and select Espier Launcher

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Syncing iPhone with Work Outlook Email

Requested by some readers, here is

How to Sync Work Outlook Email to iPhone

The possibility to Sync iPhone with a work Outlook account depends if ActiveSync is active on your company Exchange server or not

Therefore, ask your IT admin if your company has Exchange ActiveSync installed and set up on their server to push Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Events, Emails and Notes to iPhone

If this is the case, ActiveSync should be working and you just need to set up your iPhone with Exchange as follows:

  • On your iPhone, tap Settings
  • Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Add Account -> Microsoft Exchange

Notes and possible issues

There is unfortunately no solution so far to Sync iPhone with an Outlook professional inbox other than the "push" method described above

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Switch from iPhone to Android – The Ultimate Guide

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Switch from iPhone to Android
OK, you decided to Switch from iPhone to Android

No problem, even though we tend to prefer the iPhone in here, we received a growing number of requests for instructions on how to Move all data from iPhone to Android

Some of you may simply need to Sync Android with iPhone without needing to actually Migrate from iOS to Google Android

Whichever your situation, this guide will guide you through the steps to smoothly Copy data from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to Droid

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