Syncing an iPhone with another

This solution also works to Synchronize iPhone and iPad, two iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, etc

As seen in a previous post, there's no problem Syncing several iPhones to a single Computer / iTunes

The problem starts when you try to Transfer Music from one iPhone to another

This would be easy if we could just Copy Songs from an iPhone to iTunes and then Synchronize another iPhone with iTunes

But, as explained in our Sync iPhone to iTunes tutorial, iPhone to iTunes transfers are not possible using iTunes

The solution:

First Import Music from iPhone to iTunes with a dedicated software

Then, Synchronize a second iPhone with iTunes, which, at the end equals to Transferring Songs from one iPhone to another


Just follow these steps

Notes & possible issues

  • This solution transfers all personal settings between two iPhones: playlists, ratings and so on ( see complete list )

    So, that's a very safe way to fully Synchronize two iPhones

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