Is it possible to Sync Android with iTunes

Several HTC, Samsung and other Android phones readers asked if it's possible to

Synchronize iTunes music and playlists to Android based devices

Yes it is and it's actually quite simple

This is how

  • First off, let's connect Android Phone to Computer
  • Pull down the notification bar and tap Charge only, then Disk drive
  • Now, you'll need a free program called DoubleTwist to transfer iTunes library to Android
  • Download it from here, install it on your computer and create an account
  • Open DoubleTwist, you should see your Droid phone in the Devices section of the left panel
  • Then, under Playlists, click Playlists setup and check the Import iTunes Playlists option in the program's main window, finally click Import
  • Now, to get iTunes playlists to sync to Android smartphone, select your Android device under the Devices section and click on the Music tab in the program's main window
  • Check the "Sync music with this device" option
    Note: as you can see, you can either sync all iTunes playlists with Android Phone or sync selected iTunes playlists with Android Phone
  • Finally, click the Sync button in the lower-right corner and you're all set!
    All your iTunes music, playlists and other library data and files have been transferred to your Android telephone

Notes & possible issues

This procedure will not transfer DRM protected songs to Android

If you want to be able to transfer all songs from iTunes to Android, you will need to purchase the iTunes+ version of your DRM protected songs

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