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Sync iPhone Notes – Backup iPhone Notes

09.30.10 |  Category: Notes |  Author:
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Synchronizing iPhone Notes

Backup iPhone Notes


Solution 1

Doubtlessly the simplest way to backup iPhone notes is to send them to yourself by email

Start by setting up your email account on your iPhone ( shown here with Gmail )

  • Make sure your iPhone is properly connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi or mobile phone network
  • Tap Mail
  • Then tap Gmail
  • Your name is optional, but enter at least your email address and password and tap "Save"

Now, back to the iPhone main screen

  • Tap Notes
  • Open one of your Notes
  • At the bottom of your display, tap the Envelope
  • Tap your email address in the "To" field
  • Edit the Subject if required
  • Click "Send" and Voila ! Your Note will show up in your Gmail account within a couple of seconds !

Sync iPhone Notes


Solution 2

If you really want to "synchronize" iPhone Notes, your best bet is to use Google Sync

Notes & possible issues

  • Syncing iPhone notes requires Apple's iOS 4.x firmware ( iPhone OS 4.x )
  • This allows you to Sync your iPhone Notes with Gmail. They will show up in Gmail with the "Notes" label
  • This solution allows to Copy Notes from one iPhone to another, which is very handy if you need to Transfer Notes from your current iPhone to a new iPhone
iPhone Expert

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