Syncing iPhone Contacts to iCloud

Apple just released iCloud

Let's discover how to Synchronize iPhone Contacts to iCloud

First off, make sure to Update your iPhone to iOS 5, as this is required for iCloud


Download iPhone Contacts to iCloud

  • In your iPhone, go to Settings->iCloud and switch off Contacts

    When asked whether to keep or delete iPhone Contacts, select delete if you have a backup of your Contacts on your computer. Otherwise, keep your iPhone Contacts

  • Now, sync iPhone contacts with your computer as per these instructions
  • Next, switch Contacts back on in iPhone Settings->iCloud
  • Tap "Merge" to import iPhone Contacts to iCloud

You are all set. You can now go to your iPhone Contacts App to make sure all iPhone Contacts have been downloaded to iCloud

Notes & possible issues

  • If you cannot or do not want to update iPhone to iOS 5, you can create an iCloud account from any Mac running OSX Lion
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3 Responses to Sync iPhone Contacts to iCould – Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iCould

  1. Kelley says:

    I have one itunes account with a separate library for each device (several ipods and currently one iphone) I want to sync a second iphone to this account (will have its own library) – tried this is because of the cloud it put all the contacts from the iphone on the device on the new iphone. Can I have two iphones with the cloud on the same itunes account and on the same computer?

  2. Tania says:

    Thanks Mike… with the latest upgrade I had lost all of my calendar & contacts data from my computer and it somehow ended up in a new icloud calendar/contacts on my computer…was very confusing… now understand how to manage both bit better.


  3. John says:

    I am setting up an IMAP server and we use Outlook 2010. Everyone in the office has an iPhone and an iPad mini. They all want to sync all contacts, calendars and reminders except 2 who have seperate contacts on their phones and outlook. Within the windows portion of iCloud the settings are all or nothing how can I set this up for the 2 users who do not want their contacts synced only calendars and reminders?

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