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43 Responses to Sync iPhone Contacts & Emails with Hotmail

  1. Doug says:

    How do I get the contacts on the iPhone to upload to Hotmail?

  2. iPhone Expert says:

    Proceed as follows:

    Start by exporting your iPhone contacts to a .CSV file https://sync-iphone.com/contacts-calendars-email/export-iphone-contacts-to-csv.html

    Then, then import the .CSV into Hotmail like this
    – Click Contacts
    – Click Import Contacts
    – Browse for the .CSV file and click Finish


  3. Rob says:

    Perfect. this worked exactly as planned!

  4. Brendan says:

    Changes I make to my hotmail account through iPhone don’t show up when I check my account through the website, and vice versa. Is there a way to make changes on one (mark as read, deleted, etc.) automatically happen with the other? It seems I have to manage my hotmail account twice the way it is set up now.

  5. John says:

    I have all my contacts in Outlook, but when I export them to CSV file, I lose lots of fields that are important to me.

    Is there any way to move my contacts directly from (All on my PC) database to the Hotmail account?

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Not as far as we know

      If a visitor has a better solution, don’t hesitate to suggest it

      • Karen says:

        There are settings in Outlook that allow you to specify which information is going to get exported (including to the CSV format). Sorry, not in front of it just now so I can’t tell you where to find that, but in the past I’ve varied which information is getting output, so as to create text-format address lists, and the like, without all the comment fields. You should be able to set it to export all fields, I suspect.

  6. Jeff says:

    I have added the setting on my iPhone 4 to sync its calendar with hotmail’s over the air, but it only works one way. Hotmail appointments get transferred to the iPhone and it’s own appointments disappear. Appointments entered on the iPhone are not transferred. Presumably a sync setting somewhere. Any ideas?

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Jeff,

      I don’t think two-way synchonizations between Hotmail and iPhone are possible

      Your best bet is to forward your emails and appointments from Hotmail to Gmail
      Then, you’ll be able to Sync iPhone with Gmail two-way

  7. Robert says:

    I keep getting pop up that says: “canot be verified”

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Bob,

      Make sure you entered your password and the domain information correctly

  8. Faraz Feroz says:

    Serious problem with Hotmail contacts syncing with iPhone.
    it keeps creating thousands of duplicate hotmail contacts, to remove them i have to access hotmail contacts from my desktop and then clean up in the manage contacts. I have to do this every week or less than a week,, as it creates hundreds of contacts which is really annoying, and sometimes it doesnt show me my complete hotmail contacts.. restarting iphone helps sometimes but not everytime.. in short hotmail contacts syncing doesn’t work!
    if someone knows the solution. please share.. also share if you are facing the same probelm thanks..
    I have 3gs and now iphone 4.. but same problem…
    Faraz Feroz

  9. S. says:

    I do not have .CSV. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  10. Mike says:

    Only part of my hotmail contacts were downloaded to the Iphone.

  11. Allan says:

    I don’t want to synch all of my contacts just some. How do I do that?

  12. kara says:

    Is it possible to unsync your hotmail contacts with your iPhone. When adding my email account I chose to sync them, but now my whole contact lists is filled with random emails.. Can i undo this???

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Kara,

      Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any way to roll back to your previous contact list

      At this point, I would recommend that you delete all contacts on your iPhone and go through the procedure again

  13. karen says:

    My iPhone 4s is syncing two-way between the phone and Hotmail calendar just fine. However, I have lots of calendar entries on my 3Gs that I was hoping to push up to the Hotmail calendar so I could then have them push down to my 4s. The problem is that all the entries on my 3Gs won’t show up on Hotmail calendar. It appears that for the 3Gs it’s only a one-way sync (Hotmail calendar to the phone…)

    Any way I can get all the entries from my 3Gs phone onto my new 4s phone??

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Karen,

      Try to use Google Calendar
      Two-way synchronizations with iPhone work very flawlessly with it

  14. Alexandra says:

    I have synched iphone 4 to my hotmail, and all the folders (sent, inbox, deleted etc) are there but there is are no emails – none. I only have empty folders! What shall I do?

  15. bill says:

    Do u know how to sync my contacts with fb? i did all steps, created a hotmail n then i went to fb app 4.1 to sync but still not works! any ideas?

  16. Claire says:

    I don’t understand why you cannot sync iPhone emails with Hotmail like you can with other email providers. Hotmail is like the biggest email provider in the world!! Surely this can be done somehow? Please could you help.

  17. Tracy says:

    I am having a problem and hope someone can help. Every time I create an event on my calendar it is send an email to the person I share my calendar with and vice versa. How to we turn the email notifications off?

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Tracy,

      You can turn off Hotmail Calendar events email reminders in Hotmail -> Calendar -> Options -> Click the name of your Calendar in the “Edit your reminders and calendar settings” section

  18. Nick says:

    Is there a difference in synchronisation between setting this up using “Hotmail” or “Exchange Server” on iPhone 4??

    I know how to set up both (thanks for this article – very similar to Gmail set up using MS Exchange) but the iPhone won’t let me use the Exchange Server method until I delete the Hotmail method…

  19. Mazhar says:

    When server screen come i tap next -> select mail
    And then Done
    A massage appears: An identical Hotmail account already exsists
    pls help

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Mazhar,

      Make sure to delete your Hotmail account from you iPhone first
      Then try to set it up as an Exchange account

  20. Dana says:

    I have synced my hotmail contacts to my iphone. However, now i have all my contacts on my iphone and have lost some in my hotmail contacts. How do i transfer those contacts from my i phone to my hotmail account without transfering duplicates

  21. Jody says:

    I am trying to sync my Hotmail contacts with my iPhone. None of them Appear unless I have had a recent email from that contact. I have gone through the steps recommended to sync my Hotmail with my iPhone, but it tells me that this account is already synced. how do I get my Hotmail email contacts onto my iPhone? Please help! Thank you!

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Jody,

      Try to delete your Hotmail account from your iPhone and create a Microsoft Exchange account instead

  22. Caru says:

    Hi, I would like to know if is there any advancement to solve the problem mentioned in 2010 by Brendan: Changes I make to my hotmail account through iPhone don’t show up when I check my account through the website, and vice versa.
    Thank you!

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Caru,

      Just create an Exchange account on your iPhone and you should be all set

  23. Michelle says:

    I want to have the same contacts, calendar and task lists (but especially contacts and calendar) on my iphone 3 gs and in Outlook on my home computer.
    we have a simple network at home but not Microsoft Exchange. Can I, or should I, create an Exchange account to sync? If I absolutely have to, I’d consider using google calendar but I prefer not to keep my personal info on the web. google keeps enough already.
    any suggestions?

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Michelle,

      To sync your contacts and calendar between iPhone and Outlook, just follow our instructions Sync iPhone with Outlook, this does not require that you create a Microsoft Exchange account

  24. Gianpaolo says:

    Thank you very much !!! Very helpful !!

  25. Ellen Harvey says:

    Hi, I’ve tried setting up my hotmail account on both my iPhone 4S and my iPad. In both cases, I get a message ‘connection to the server failed’. I’ve tried at least 5X.

  26. Nevena McGarrell says:

    I have an iPhone 4 and all of my emails are on there, however how can I transfer emails that I received on Hotmail from before I had my phone?


  27. Howard Rogan says:


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