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Syncing iPhone Contacts to Outlook
Transferring Contacts from iPhone to Outlook may sound simple, but it's not


Import iPhone Contacts TO Outlook


Syncing Contacts from iPhone to Outlook requires a small software, which is fortunately free

  • Download it, unzip it and open it
  • Connect your iPhone to your Computer
  • Make your selection to Copy Contacts from iPhone to Outlook
  • Select the destination folder you want your iPhone Contacts to be exported to
  • When asked for the vCard format you want your iPhone Contacts to be exported to, choose Outlook
  • Now, in Outlook, go to File -> Open -> Import and select Import a VCARD file (.vcf)
  • Locate the .vcf file your iPhone Contacts were copied to

If everything ran smoothly, your iPhone Contacts should be transferred to your Microsoft Outlook Contacts

All set!

Notes and possible issues

As you probably noticed, this method also allows to Move iPhone Contacts to Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Hotmail and to email softwares such as Thunderbird

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5 Responses to Sync iPhone Contacts TO Outlook

  1. Debbie says:

    I am psychotherapist who has been using outlook for many years. My contact folder is of paramount importance to me as it contains patient and other professionals’ information. The only phone that now syncs with my outlook contacts INCLUDING THE NOTES section of the contact is a blackberry which for my money is seriously behind the times. I want to get an iphone, but can not figure out if the notes part of contact will sync. If i had to, i could input the notes part by hand once, but i don’t want to get the phone, go through that procedure and still have problems.
    Any suggestions,
    Thank-you for your help.

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Debbie,

      As far as I read through comments, Blackberry offers the most reliable and straightforward synchronization with Outlook, especially for complex accounts such as yours.
      I would recommend you stick to BB, even though it might feel outdated.
      If you wish to switch to an iPhone, make absolutely sure to create complete backups before you try to sync anything.
      I cannot guarantee that your contacts notes will be synched, keep us posted with your attempts.

    • R. says:

      I went through a lengthy support session with Apple i-Phone technicians. The outcome was that notes do not sync with the contacts. I kept my Palm for my contacts and carry it separately. I would suggest you not trust any device/process until proven, and always keep back up files. I have gone so far as backing up to .csv, .txt, .pdf, .dba and i have a paper copy.

  2. Victoria Lattner says:

    I have a Iphone 4. I use outlook for email, conatcts and calender. I receive my emails through yahoo and they someohow end up in outlook. About twice a year I go and emoty the Yahoo email account.
    My problem is that when I delete an email on outlook it does not delete on my Iphone even after I have sinc my iphone with outlook. So I have to delete every email off of Outlook and then again on my Iphone.
    Please tell me how to fix this. I have been to the apple store and they said is is something I need to talk to Outlook about. Help
    Tired of deletimg and then trashing the same emails twice.

  3. Chassaniol says:

    Thank you!!!

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