Syncing iPhone with Multiple Google Calendars

Many of us have more than one Google Calendar to Sync: work, home, etc

This page introduces two methods on How to synchronize multiple Google Calendars with iPhone


The easy way - Standard Method

All set !

If this does not work, try this alternate method

Sync multiple CalDAV Calendars with iPhone

  • Log in to your CalDAV account and go to your Calendar settings
  • On the right of the "Calendar Address" section, you'll find your Google Calendar ID
  • Compose an email containing the below address where you will have replaced your Google Calendar ID

  • Send it to yourself
  • Copy-paste this address into the "Server" field
  • Your other settings will get copied into the Advanced Settings

Notes & possible issues

  • Google Sync allows to sync up to 25 Calendars
  • CalDAV does not support Push
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