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Syncing iPhone Bookmarks with Firefox
Being able to Synchronize iPhone and Firefox Bookmarks has been a recurring missing feature since the iPhone was released

Luckily, Mozilla released Firefox Home, a pretty neat app that makes iPhone and Firefox Bookmarks synchronization a snap

Accessorily, it also allows to synchronize Firefox History and Open tabs between iPhone and computer

Great !

Let's see how to get started

  • On your computer, start by downloading the latest Firefox version from here and install it
  • Open Firefox and go to Tools -> Set Up Sync -> Create a New Account
  • On your iPhone, look for Firefox Home in the App Store and download it
  • Launch Firefox Home from your iPhone and enter the Sync info you just created on your PC
  • Finally, tap Done and wait until complete synchronization

You're all set !
Your bookmarks will now flawlessly keep being synchronized between iPhone and computer and other devices you may have such as iPad

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One Response to Sync iPhone Bookmarks with Firefox Bookmarks

  1. Frank says:

    There is no firefox home for iphone6 IOS-8.3

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