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5 Responses to Sync iPhone with Contacts, Calendars & Email Accounts on Mac

  1. comigne says:

    I use the iphone ‘phone type’ instead of ‘mobile’ in mac address book but
    this isn’t matched in outlook contacts. The outlook contact once synced has
    no telephone number matched.

    I use outlook but the primary contact source is mac address book as many mac
    applications (facetime) look to the mac address book for contact data.

    Should I just stop calling these iphones ‘iphones’ and rebadge as mobiles?

  2. is it possible to sync your mail accounts like you can on the windows outlook?

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Peter,

      I’m not sure to get you alright

      If you need to sync your iPhone with Outlook, please refer to this tutorial

      If you need to sync your iPhone email account on Mac, you might want to use “Mail”

      If you want to sync your email accounts in the same program, you might want to consider Mozilla Thunderbird

  3. Leslie says:


    My iphone wiped out my calender. It was not synced or backed up. How can I retrieve my schedule?

  4. Debbie says:

    I can’t connect my iPhone to my Mac. No place to connect on Mac. How else can I sync my mail?

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