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14 Responses to Sync iPhone with Contacts, Calendars & Email Accounts

  1. Mandy Altman says:

    I have synced my Gmail contacts with my iPhone 4. I have many more contacts (and many of the same duplicate contacts) on Outlook on my PC. Is there any way to sync my iPhone to Outlook without losing the contacts already on the iPhone?

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Mandy,

      Syncing your iPhone to Outlook as per these instructions allows you to sync your iPhone to Outlook without losing contacts already on iPhone

  2. Becky Ackerman says:

    I can sync Yahoo calendar to iPhone. Is it possible to go the other way? iPhone to Yahoo calendar when I am away from my PC?

  3. Muriel Petermann says:

    I seem to have several issues:

    When I connect my iPhone to my computer it doesn’t automatically start synching.

    When I open iTunes, it doesn’t recognize my iPhone, even though I did an initial sync shortly after purchasing my iPhone. Since then I’ve input new data on my iPhone and into Outlook and I’m concerned that if I sync them again, I’ll delete the new data on my iPhone – is that the case?



  4. PM says:

    Hi, this tutorial seems to be for syncing FROM computer TO iphone.

    But how do we do the OPPOSITE, ie, BACKUP/MAKE A COPY (not sync) of iphone Calendar FROM iphone TO Mac?

    If I’m not mistaken, syncing will erase whatever is on iphone! (I have zero Calendar info on my Mac/Apple iBook computer since I have never used Mac’s Calendar, but on my iphone it’s a different story altogether as I use iphone’s Calendar all the time to make tons of notes on special dates, diary-type journal/notes, etc.)

    I DO see you have a separate/distinct “BACKUP CONTACTS” tutorial, but I do not see a separate/distinct tutorial for “BACKUP IPHONE CALENDAR” (to Mac, not Windows/PC).

    BTW, great idea, this website! A very definitely NEEDED NICHE! This whole backing up, syncing business with iphone is a nightmare all around! It is VERY scary for us non-techies.

    Thank you!

  5. Nibras says:

    Can you help me with Iphone 4S, i want to copy contacts between groups( i have “on my iphone” contact group and “icloud” contact group ) and i want to transfer some contacts from one to another? any help?
    thank you in advace

  6. Scott says:

    Black Berry user; new to iphone. My outlook calander has all my appointments with alerts/reminders. My 4S has an app called reminders. Why did Apple have Reminders seprate from Calendar. How can I sync my outlook calender with Reminders on my phone?

  7. Dawn says:

    My iPhone contacts are perfect, I thought I was syncing any new contacts from iPhone to yahoo every time I synced phone on my mac. NO I am not – I am actually loosing the new contacts on my phone. They are NOT MERGING! How do I get my yahoo contacts to match the iPhone contacts. I want iPhone contacts to go TO yahoo contacts and the continue to merge with each other.

  8. sarah says:

    Hi, wonder if you can help, please? I have 2 IPhones, IPad and IMac. My 1500 contacts seem to have disappeared from the IPhone. The email addresses are all there, but I can’t find my phone contacts. It says they’re backed up to my computer, but where????? How do I find them and restore them to my phones. It’s driving me mad! It seems every time I sync the IPhone, the contacts leave my phone. This seems nuts. Been into the Apple store, they couldn’t help, been to the vodafone store, they couldn’t help, so I don’t know what else to do. thx very much. Sarah

  9. Doug Hicks says:

    Trying to synch only MS Outlook 2010 Calendar with my boss’s iPhone, not Contacts or anything else. Can that be done and if so, how?
    Will appreciate your reply.

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