Sync iPhone with multiple iTunes

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Syncing iPhone with multiple iTunes

Note: if you want to Synchronize iPhone with several Computers click here

When you search over the Internet How to synchronize iPhone with multiple iTunes libraries, all you can find are solutions to Synchronize iPhone with several PC

We are looking for just the opposite: Manage several iTunes libraries on a single Computer

What if, within a household, every person wants to keep his / her iTunes library separated from the others'?
More simply, you may want to create an iTunes library for each of your iPod / iPhones and switch between them on the same Computer

The only application we found able to do this is this one

It will allow you to create multiple iTunes libraries on a single computer and keep them separated without any risk of accidental mix-up

Notes & possible issues

  • This solution is compatible with all iPhone & iTunes versions
  • Once set up, this program allows you to switch between as many iTunes libraries as you want. It's like having several iTunes on one Computer
  • Once you created more than one iTunes library on a single Computer, you can Transfer Music from an iPhone to a dedicated iTunes library
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