Syncing iPhone with multiple computers

Note: if you encounter problems with iTunes trying to erase your iPhone from one of the computers, read our Prevent iTunes from syncing iPhone instructions

As mentioned in a previous post, iTunes only allows one-way synchronizations from Computer to iPhone

Then, if you connect your iPhone to a Computer whose library is different from your iPhone's, you may end up with unwanted song deletions on your iPhone

To prevent this and be able to Synchronize your iPhone with several Computers, you need to transfer data from your iPhone to the Computers where this data is missing

Once all your Computers libraries are complete and synchronized, you can sync your iPhone with any of your Computers without risking to lose songs from your iPhone

Just follow these steps

  • Start by synchronizing your iPod / iPhone with iTunes on your first Computer ( the one that is most complete )
  • Unplug your iPod / iPhone from that first Computer
  • Connect your iPod / iPhone to the second Computer and follow the procedure to Sync iPhone to iTunes and transfer iPhone contents to iTunes onto the second Computer

You are all set !

Now that you know how to synchronize an iPhone with two computers, feel free to do so with as many computers as you want

Notes & possible issues

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7 Responses to Sync iPhone with multiple Computers – Synchronize iPhone with two Computers – Sync iPhone with more than one Computer

  1. Katherine says:

    I have a personal iphone that I sync with my home computer and everything works great. I was just issued a work iphone but am not allowed to access itunes store from my work computer so itunes is useless. I’ve been told I’ll have to use my home computer to set up the phone and access itunes. I like to keep work and personal separate and don’t want to do that. If I’m forced to, can I completely keep the phones separate (contacts, apps, pics, calandar,etc.) I use windows XP.

  2. Alin Lor says:

    Eventually, not just songs. I wanted to sync my iphone to multiple computers because of the contact list and calendar. I want them to be sync.

    Is there any way to do that? Best way perhaps…

    Thank you

  3. Cage says:

    I have an iPhone 4 and I want to maintain 2 different sets of contacts on it. One from my yahoo account and another from an email account run on horde. I don’t want the two to mix together. Is this possible? I have the yahoo part working and was looking into using SyncML lite for the horde account. Will this work or is there another solution that is better?

    Thank You

    • iPhone Expert says:

      Dear Cage,

      iPhone works as a data aggregator
      It allows to see data from various accounts, but doesn’t mix them up

      So, no worries

  4. Sondi says:

    Surprisingly well written and informative for a free online article.

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