Importing Facebook to Google Plus

Did you know? You can now Manage Facebook and Twitter accounts from Google+

For those who are more and more concerned with Facebook debatable views on privacy, being able to Check Facebook and Twitter from Google+ is a great way to smoothly switch to a more respectful social network ( more on this in the Notes section )

Plus, Google offers great and simple synchronization tools as usual and Google Plus is certainly the easiest to use social network, so why not Combine Facebook and Twitter accounts to Google+ and have all that synchronized with iPhone ?


Facebook and Twitter in Google+Pretty neat, huh ?

Check Facebook from Google+


Add the Google+Facebook extension add-on to your favorite web browser ( Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome )


Merge Twitter Tweets with Google+


Add the Google+Twitter extension add-on to your web browser too

Import Facebook Friends to Google+


This requires a bit more steps and a Yahoo! Mail account

  • Log into your Yahoo Mail account or Create one
  • Go to Contact -> Import Contacts and allow Facebook to access your Yahoo! address book
  • Wait until all Facebook contacts have been imported to your Yahoo! Mail account
  • In Google+, go to Circles and click Find and Invite
  • Select Yahoo! Import and allow your Yahoo! Mail account
  • Now, in Google+, your imported contacts will show up in the Find and Invite section, drag them to their corresponding circles

Sync Google+ with iPhone


Last but not least, have all that synchronized with your iPhone

On your iPhone, go to the App Store and install the Google+ App


Notes & possible issues

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