Syncing iPhone Photos both ways from & to computer

Definitely one of the poorest iTunes features is the way it handles Pictures

Whether you want to:

  • Get Photos off iPhone
  • Download Photos to iPhone
  • Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Computer
  • Copy Photos from iPhone to PC
  • Add Photos to iPhone
  • Delete / Remove / Erase Photos individually from iPhone
  • etc...

iTunes is way too limited

What we need is a visual interface with thumbnails we can drag between iPhone Albums and Computer Folders

We've been looking around for a long time and tested all possible iPhone Photo Management softwares
Most were disappointing until we bumped into a pretty cool piece of software

It's a two-sided Program, which clearly shows iPhone Photographs on one side and Computer Pictures on the other

You can move, drag photos both ways from Computer to iPhone and the other way round, create Photo Albums, rename and edit existing ones, etc...

Give it a try and let us know what you think by dropping comments below

Notes & possible issues

  • This solution works for all iPod, including iPod Touch, iPhone 4 and iPad
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