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Syncing iPhone Apps

Many readers encounter problems with How to Sync iPhone Apps


On this page, you will find solutions to the following problems


Apps won't Sync to iPhone / Apps not Syncing to iPhone


Solution 1


The problem generally comes from Restrictions to New Applications, which are enabled in your iPhone settings

To disable them, on your iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions and turn off "New Applications"


Solution 2


If this does not solve the problem, you maybe need to authorize your iPhone, iPad or iPod

For this, back on your computer, open iTunes

You should see a category called Applications

Click on it and you will see your downloaded apps

Click on any of them and enter your Mac ID when asked

From that on, your computer will be authorized and you should be able to sync your apps just fine


Solution 3


In iTunes left panel, in the Devices section, right-click on your iPhone and select Transfer Purchases

If it doesn't work, proceed as follows

  • Open iTunes and go to the App Store
  • Navigate to one of the apps you purchased and click Buy
  • Click Yes on the You already purchased this item message
  • Click File -> Transfer Purchases
  • Login, all of your apps should now download to your iPhone

Solution 4


In iTunes left panel, in the Devices section, right-click on your iPhone and select Reset Warnings

  • Click the Sync button in iTunes lower-right corner
  • iTunes will ask if you want to transfer things from your iPhone to iTunes
  • Click Transfer and it should should sync

Sync iPhone without losing Apps


Losing your tens or hundreds of precious apps would be a catastrophe, especially when it took so long to organize them so neatly

Let's see how to avoid this nightmare

  • In iTunes left panel, in the Devices section, right-click on your iPhone and select Transfer Purchases
  • This will transfer Apps from iPhone to iTunes
  • Then right-click again on your iPhone and select Backup
  • Copy your application data from the following location
  • XP

    C:\documents and settings\your_name_here\local settings

    If this folder is hidden, this is how to Display hidden folders

    Vista / 7

    C:\Users\your_name_here\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

  • Tick the Sync Apps checkbox and accept the warning

Your iPhone will display Restore in Progress or Sync in progress for a while and then you should be all set

Sync iPhone Apps without iTunes


For those who really don't want to take risks or don't want to install iTunes, there's a pretty cool app allowing to Synchronize iPhone Apps without iTunes

It's actually not an "app", but a software ( free ) that runs on your computer and acts as an iTunes replacement, which allows to add songs to any iPod device

It also handles Apps, which makes for an interesting alternative to iTunes to Transfer Apps from computer to iPhone, iPad or iPod and the other way around

You can get it from


Notes & possible issues

  • This program does not require a jailbroken iPhone
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