Best High-Definition Headphones for iPhone & iPod

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As you probably noticed these days, more and more hipsters are wearing massive headphones on the street to listen to their iPhone

Interested by this new trend, obviously brewed by advertising / marketing specialists to make you spend some extra bucks, we felt the need to have a closer look at what's available out there and put things in perspective between show-off looks and authentic sound quality

As music lovers, we did not worry much about esthetic considerations, but instead focused mainly on acoustic performance, comfort and price

We tested these models on our own iPod / iPhone with no consideration for their performance with high end hi-fi systems, as the purpose of this test is definitely to figure out which headphones perform best with iPhone, iPod and mp3 songs

Sorted by best results

Grado SR 60X
Best iPhone Headphones Grado SR 60X

Definitely our winner!


Amazing sound quality for the price
Considered as the best headphones under $100 by many
Relatively lightweight


You got to like its looks, we do

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