Fix iPhone 4S Upside Down Photos

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How to fix iPhone 4S upside down Photos

As iPhone 4S users inevitably noticed, photos taken using the side volume button as a shutter button are displayed sideways and even inverted by 180°

There is no immediate solution other than using the iPhone's screen button to take photos until a new version of iOS comes with a fix

For your photos that are already inverted, we introduce here an iPhone 4S Upside-down photos solution that allows you to batch rotate iPhone 4S upside down pictures

To rotate all these iPhone 4S pics, we've selected a free software

You can make your choice among numerous free batch editing softwares for both PC and Mac

We finally opted for BIMP Lite

Let's get started

  • First off, you will need to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer
  • Then download BIMP Lite, open and install it
  • Using this application is pretty straightforward
    • Browse your computer in the left panel until you find the folder that contains your photos
    • Click on it
    • BIMP Lite automatically selects all the photos in this folder in the right side panel
    • Now, in the upper-left corner of the program, click Images -> Rotate Image and select 180°
    • Then click Start at the bottom of the program and...

Voilà! All your iPhone 4S upside down photos are now fixed

Notes and possible issues

  • Beware that BIMP Lite has a little bug
    It will rotate even the pictures that are just highlighted in the right panel, even if their checkbox is not checked
    So, make sure only a picture you want to rotate is highlighted when you click Rotate Image
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